Our history

Simoncini produces handmade frames for bike since 1949. Nowadays, we are a dynamic company settled in the hearth of Tuscany.
We still make craftwork frames on-size of the costumer.

We transform costumer’s ideas in moving steel. Using our passion.


Our history

In 1949 Renato Simoncini, born in Castelfiorentino and lived in part in France during the fascist dictatorship, started his artisanal manufacture of bike frames.

Before, he had worked to the Pignone company, in Florence, which produced precision machineries, and he did apprenticeship with Caparrini, a former bike’s frame builder in Castelfiorentino.

He was an amateur cyclist and he built his first own frame in 1948. That frame lived with him, all life long. The artisanal manufacture present today was opened in 1973 and has been conducted by his son Orlando until 2016. Since 2017 the production passed to Orlando’s son Eugenio; hence we are at the third generation of artisans.

Today we produce frames for Italy, Europe and the world, for any kind of bikes and sizes.

Still on the size of the woman or man who will drive them.



Since 1949, we produced frames also for other companies (here a partial list):
Aquila,  Benotto, Bormann,  Capo, CBT Torino, Ceccherini, Ciocc, Clements, Corso, Di Rocco, Enik, Franchi, Nilor, Orbea, Ortu, Peltreaux,  Porcu, Radundsport, Riccorsa, Schauff, Simons, Sloughi, Tirinato, Titan, Tozzai, Veloetruria, Viner, Viscount


Renato Simoncini biking (years 1930es, ’40es, ’50es and  ’60es)

Orlando Simoncini biking (years 1960es and on)